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Just click the buttons below to check out items listed. CD's are direct links to online purchases. All other payments are by PAYPAL for products ordered through this site. (You DONT need a PAYPAL account though!) Delivery is FREE to anyone in the Darwin Northern Territory Region.





This shop was set up to collect some of the less commonly found items for Ukulele. Payments for items ordered via this site are by PAYPAL. Products ordered via external links detail the payment options available at the external site.

I am always interested in new ideas, unusual accessories and the like so if you see one or are looking for any item use the CONTACT form above and let me know. I can sometimes arrange excellent pricing for visitors to this site.

NOTE: I'm really fussy what makes it on to this site given that theukuleledirectory.com is not setup to make a profit but to share resources with Australia and New Zealand's 16,500 estimated ukulele players.

For that reason, this shop is designed to show hard to find, fairly priced, quality items. I will avoid turning it into just another ukulele shop that you can find around the web and try to keep it to the best of kind in each category.

If you find a better product, a cheaper new price (second hand avoided so you get warranty protection) or a newer idea that is better than what's offered here PLEASE let me know and I will follow it up.

Some of the offerings here I have sourced myself, some are from well known uke identities that have given permission to display their wares.

I will as time goes on, I will attempt to review all items offered. In some instances eg Tuners, preference gets down to a matter of opinion. CONTACT me if you prefer different products to those offered.