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SATURDAY 8th October 2016

Supported by : Sunshine Coast Ukulele Masters; Pleasant Pluckers from Tin Can Bay and HUMPS performers.

This is a one night only event in Hervey Bay.

Come and see and hear the fantastic Peter Moss.

Perfection is the style of Peter Moss and his unique technique on both the ukulele and banjolele is something not to be missed.

Peter plays a variety of music covering modern numbers through to intricate classical pieces. He has explored the territories of the guitar, piano and wind instruments and for several years arranged three guitar based bands covering cabarets to rock but converted back to the ukulele when his wife presented him with a new wooden uke.

Peter has toured extensively covering several countries including USA; Finland and Australia performing recently at Isle of Wight Festival he is also booked for another tour of USA in 2017. With constant bookings throughout England Peter has found time to perform at Hervey Bay Queensland and later at the Melbourne Ukulele Festival at the end of October.

Venue : Hervey Bay High School - Great Hall - Beach Road Pialba Hervey Bay.

TICKETS: Only $20 at the door

Contact Name: Brian Ward

Email contact address: bpward14@tpg.com.au





For fans of Scorpex, you might not be aware of the Jim's Songbook series - His books sell through most music stores however there is also an extensive online library of Ukulele, (including Baritone tuning) and a very configurable listing of songs right HERE



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