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This web site is set up to collect a wide range of resources for ukulele players including all the items you see mentioned in the menus above.

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Appearing below will be a regularly updated section detailing Ukulele finds from near and far....New album launches....old favorites and everything else. For more like this click HERE

No one else seems to be doing this and I have received quite a few from friends in the last few weeks so I thought, why the hell not?
SO...If you are a uke enthusiast and have either produced a CD of your own or just want to review someone elses get in contact with me and we will promote performers in Australia and New Zealand (and a few overseas friends) here and support all uke players. If you want to do a review I need a photo of the CD cover (or more if you have it) and a general category of music , an overall feel of what you thought of it and if you like a more specific track by track listing. No one is doing this, lets see where this goes!

Suggestion Box/Survey.All feedback welcome and will be read.

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