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I found this link on facebook to a website that acts as a library of videos of original songs. It's mostly US based hits but there are some songlists dedicated to particular artists and has the added bonus of usually an attached video of the original. Well worth a look if you have a new song you want to cover, or just browse for ideas 


Need to knock out sheet music? This handy text editor will format it in various ways for you including inline chords (my preference) Chord charts, and Lyrics .... its very easy to use


Looking for a cheap way to tune your uke? Got an Android phone? Probably the best of the very many free tuners available in the google play store is this one from Pitchlab. I still prefer the Snark-SN8 All instrument tuner precisely because it can still do the job in a very noisy environment flawlessly but for a quick fix accurate tune in a quiet environment, this is the best of the app type tuners I have found for Android Mobile phones.



Appearing below will be a regularly updated section detailing Ukulele finds from near and far....New album launches....old favorites and everything else. For more like this click HERE


I first met Hal on a rather fun (and raucous) Cairns ukulele cruise when I was with the DUKES. Hal impressed me immediately with technique, style and a great feel for blues and just being all music....its not about the theory, its "that feel" with Hal. I then re-met him at the Melbourne Uke Festival the following year. He continues to develop his range and style and if you have heard his early Digital CD Hustler you will know from songs like Gopherville just how talented he is.  Hal recommended "Way Down in the Hole" but I ran out of slots and particularly love the last vid of him teaching a roomful how to play "Sweet Home Chicago"....brought a smile to the face.

Hal nominates "Come to Me" as the work he is most proud of.

As it's from the new Album there is no Video of it available yet, but you can hear the track HERE

All Hal's CD's and Books are available directly from his site. There is a link via the online store on this site HERE

UKULELE CD REVIEWS - These have been added to the Online CD listings found HERE
I'm always looking for local Uke Talent, If you would like a link to your CD's sales site online just message me. I take no share of the purchase price. This is listed as a free service for performing Ukulele players in Australia, New Zealand and selective overseas acts. I will review those I hear or use your own wording for those I have yet to review.
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